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Why Get Massage?

By Mary Wilkerson                                                                                                                                                                                                 Copyright Vienna Massage Therapy

A major factor in our quality of life and our flexibility is how well we take care of our oft-ignored musculature.  Left unattended to, muscle imbalances can result in more serious problems down the line, not to mention the negative impact on posture and productiveness.

Similar to an advance warning system like smoke alarms, pain or discomfort is the body's warning signal that something's not right and needs our attention.

Many things we incorrectly thought we just had to live with can be alleviated and/or remedied through massage and bodywork.  With awareness of today's alternatives in preventive medicine, we now have viable options when deciding what our response will be when our body's 'smoke alarm' goes off.

If a dysfunction or imbalance has existed for quite some time, it is important to realize that just one treatment every month or so is not likely to resolve it.  Rarely is there a miracle cure that instantly erases the effects of abuse or neglect after months, or even years of demands we have put on our bodies expecting that our bodies will 'just do it'.

Oftentimes people are puzzled as to why, all of a sudden, they have a problem.  Usually it is no surprise given the imbalance in the ration of physical demands and stresses placed on the body to the level of care and maintenance the soft-tissue has received.  Just like a prized care or treasured heirloom, the human body deserves and needs to be well-cared for.  Regular massage can be a worthwhile investment in your well being.

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