Vienna Massage Therapy ​llc

243 Church St NW, Suite 100A

Vienna, Virginia  22180

(703) 938-3737

PRICES for your customized session:

At Vienna Massage Therapy, there is no need to tip.  Costs per session are listed below.  Gift certificates are available for these sessions and have a 6 month expiration date.

Regular Massage refers to relaxation & light work.  One hour, $100; Half-hour, $65;

One-and-a-half-hour, $135

Advanced Massage covers medium to deep pressure, trigger point therapy, problem-solving sessions, passive stretch therapy, etc.  One hour, $125; Half-hour, $75; One-and-a-half-hour, $155 

A one hour session is approximately 55 minutes hands-on work;

A half hour session is approximately 25 minutes hands-on work;

A one and a half-hour session is approximately 85 minutes hands-on work.

Foot Therapy45 minutes, includes Foot Soak, $80

You do not need to arrive earlier than your scheduled appointment time.  For your scheduling purposes, please block off an additional 15 minutes to the length of your scheduled session.

Wish to come regularly or want to buy a series?  Ask about our discounted package offerings!

Here are some of Mary's original ​creations, her trademark massages:

Southern Comfort ©
Mary's signature "zone out" massage, designed to facilitate maximum relaxation in quiet comfort.

Muscle Intervention ©
Clinical work (including trigger point therapy) for injury rehab, athletic recovery, relief of muscle spasms.

Foot Freedom ©
We're forever on our feet. Give them the attention they deserve!  (In one hour or half hour sessions)