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​​Client Testimonials

Torn Rotator Cuff Resolved Without Surgery ~

"I had the good fortune of finding Mary this year after having an MRI and was told I had a torn rotator cuff. I was scheduled for surgery April 6 and decided to postpone it due to work commitments. Mary told me she thought she could help me and made no promises. Much to my delight, it has been a miracle. I no longer wake up with pain during the night and I am able to perform all the functions with my arm and shoulder I had lost. I have had many massages from a variety of therapists. Mary is by far the best and I am grateful I will not be having the surgery."

Margie S Heiler, Leadership and Team Coach, Linden, Virginia
~Co-author of  "Roadmap to Success" 


Thanks, once again, for the immediate relief you've provided for my problem calves.  Your extensive knowledge of sports injuries is truly impressive.
You've been able to isolate the "trigger points" with the precision of an acupuncturist and thanks to you, I'm still able to indulge in the pleasures of tennis.  Many thanks for coming to the rescue for a second time!
Noel Y.
(avid tennis enthusiast)


"Working with Mary changed my life. I suffered chronic neck and middle-back problems for years before meeting certified massage therapist, Mary Wilkerson. Prior to discovering Mary's practice, I addressed my neck and back pain with aspirin and visits to the chiropractor. I've tried no less than four different chiropractors over the last eight to ten years, each visit yielding temporary relief at best.

While under Mary's care my neck and back pain have been reduced to infrequent occurrences - those occurrences usually the result of my own misdoing - that are now quickly and easily remedied by Mary most often within visit to her office.

I highly recommend Mary and the services she provides to anyone encountering chronic pain. Mary's attention to individual need and tailored approach is the best I've ever encountered."

~Ralph Gibson III


"My family doctor referred me to Mary for the chronic neck and back problems I have. My sessions have provided me with great relief and an improved quality of life. Within a few months, I was able to resume an exercise program my condition forced me to quit 10 years ago."

~Wanda Burggraff, Treasury Department


Muscle Recovery When Pushed to the Limits ~ 

Have you ever faced a time when your body is repeatedly challenged and pushed to its physical limits? Various massage modalities, if appropriately applied, can help propel you towards success in your endeavors by enhancing muscle recovery.

Recruits in the police academy regularly deal with such grueling physical tests and some have sought relief in appropriately applied restorative therapies from Mary. In the final throes of the physical training stage of their 6 month academy, now more than ever the repeated training demands can leave them bruised and extremely sore. Yet they have to be able to continue to fulfill their daily demands in order to graduate. Knowing the correct pressure and therapy to apply for any given area is crucial to an effective outcome.

This is an example of results recruits experienced:

"I was sooo sore after our PT yesterday! After my massage session last night I woke up today with NO soreness. I was able to go through the academy today as though I had never been sore yesterday."

"It (the massage session) was awesome! I have not been able to find a massage therapist who knew how to use the right pressure. The pressure you gave was just right--strong enough in the right areas, and light enough in the others."