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By Mary Wilkerson, BCTMB                                                                                                                            Copyright Vienna Massage Therapy

The first question many clients want the answer to is “How quickly can this problem that is bothering me get fixed?”

In this instant society, if an issue that took many months, years, or even decades to develop isn’t resolved by their medical massage therapist within 2-4 weeks, then they believe such techniques are not the answer after all.  Some individuals may get dramatic results very quickly, even in as little as two weeks or less.  However, the longer an issue has existed (or if there is more than one issue), the longer it usually takes to resolve.

We are very good at pushing ourselves and our bodies to do what we think we should do (work, exercise, sports, etc), but typically fall short of actually being good listeners to our own bodies.  Years of ignoring body signals, unwittingly perpetuating abuse of soft tissue, and/or not knowing where to find appropriate answers often leaves us feeling stiff and achy, washed ashore on the beach of pain and discomfort.

We do not have to wonder if there are any ‘ships’ that exist to help us get back home.  There are many ‘ships’ (answers) to the discomforts we face, but they may not come from the direction we are used to looking.  In addition, the same repetition and dedication that got us in the shape we are in is needed to help get us out of our place of pain and imbalance.  

Fortunately, if you have been unwittingly ignoring potential muscle demands for decades, it should not take decades for you to feel better. But it may take more than a month or two!  Impatience and/or unrealistic expectations will not serve well in the world of problem resolution and most will end up right back at square one.

The answers may exist, but the ultimate responsibility for your health lies with you.  There needs to be a willingness to stop things that may be contributing to the problem until the problem is solved, i.e. certain activities and/or exercise.  Continuing to ‘load’ the soft tissue, when it is already suffering the consequences of being overloaded, is not a productive course.

Invest in the care of your soft tissue--you’re stuck in it for the rest of your life!  Make a commitment to finally listen to your body.  Your soft tissue holds the key to how good you feel each day and how youthful and flexible your body feels. When you feel better, you are more present for your family, friends, and work.  Life is too short to feel badly!

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