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Living with pain, stiffness, and discomfort can drain us of both physical and mental energy.  Yet what do we do if we've tried to improve but with no success?

Sometimes doing what we think will help, such as exercise and strengthening, only serves to put more strain on an already compromised area (weak link) risking further damage.  Trying to get better to no avail can leave us understandably frustrated and depressed.  Thanks to Dr. Janet Travell's discovery of trigger points and the evolution of her work during her lifespan to result in a very customized, hands-on approach, there is hope.

Thoughtful, high-frequency therapy sessions by a skilled soft-tissue therapist can yield significant results, helping to resolve issues that we didn't even realize had a soft tissue origin.  Once improvement is realized, people begin to develop a new normal, realizing that the troubling discomfort they had learned to live with, just isn't necessary to put up with anymore.

Once that 'new normal' is realized, we are better able to notice when something isn't right with our bodies and tend to seek help sooner so that it does not become a worse or chronic problem.  In that regard, developing a new normal not only improves our quality of life, but also has a preventative effect.  Life is too short to feel badly.  Schedule with Mary today and see for yourself what problem-solving sessions can do for you!

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